Midas XL48 Mic-Pre and Splitter



8-channel Microphone Preamp & Splitter

If you are touring and have different pa gear every day, this one is for you: the Midas XL48 is a great  way to create a myMix touring system completely independent from the main console: 8 Midas-XL4 mic pre-amps, with tuneable hi- and lowcut filters, switchable phantom power. XLR inputs for microphone and line sources on the rear, direct out to main console and analogue line level out as DB25 for the signals ti IEX16L on the rear. Additional ADAT out on the rear can also be used in connjuction with IEX16L-A.  Use DB25 to DB25  to connect to IEX16L, for mic in we recommend to use XLR-XLR  and DB25-XLR  snakes. One or two of these splitters with an IEX16L and a switch in a rack, and you have all you need to get your myMix running, no matter what console is used, in a 4U or 6U compact format. See system example here.


Firmware updates:

We recommend highly to run all myMix and IEX16 devices on the same firmware version.

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