Trendnet TPE-T80H


8 Port unmanaged switch with POE (Power Over-Ethernet) for up to 8 myMix devices. Works with myMix, IEX16 and myMix CONTROL for up to 16 audio channels in the network. 16 audio channel is the official limit for 100MB/s bandwidth. If you plan to use  20 and more audio channels use a managed switch (e.g. Power8, Power12, Power25). The TPE-T80H has replaced the TPE-S80. Available through IT-retailers.

Firmware updates:

We recommend highly to run all myMix and IEX16 devices on the same firmware version.

Media Materials:

Logos-myMix Brand Logos-myMix Brand (1875 KB)

myMix Install Pictures myMix Install Pictures (7819 KB)

myMix Logo myMix Logo (2548 KB)

myMix product pictures myMix product pictures (6434 KB)

myMix System Pictures myMix System Pictures (20187 KB)

RX-2 Pictures RX-2 Pictures (6797 KB)

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