Personal Monitor Mixing with myMix

myMix product photo

myMix is an intuitive, easy to use personal monitor mixing and multi-track recording system that puts each user in control of their own mix. With myMix it’s simple to create an unlimited number of independent stereo mixes with up to sixteen channels of audio controlled through an intuitive musician friendly interface. Instead of using generic names (like Vocal 1, Vocal 2) myMix allows you to name devices and audio channels (Peter Vocal, Jenny Vocal).

Mixing is simply a matter finding the name or instrument you would like adjust, pressing the big encoder button, and making changes to volume, tone, pan and effect send level. The individual stereo effect send is vital to create a three-dimensional mix for in-ear monitors. In addition, each channel can be muted or solo’d independently. A master Mute button is available to silence all channels at once. Every change you make is strictly for you and doesn't affect anyone else on the network.Click here for the video.

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In addition to the PAN function, the stereo effects in myMix are vital to create a three-dimensional sound image. Adding more or less effect puts a voice or instrument more or less "deep" in the room - recreating the 3D sound image that gets lost when using headphones or IEMs. There is a choice of 3 rooms and 3 reverbs as well as an adjustbale delay.


Every change you make to your mix is constantly updated in the currently selected profile. If you play in multiple bands,or if a myMix is used by different people, create dedicated profiles and recall withina second. myMix can store up to 20 profiles. In addition to your 16 selected channels with theit settings, the profiles also stores the channel names that are not selected.

Stereo Master EQ

In addition to the tone control per channel, myMix has a four band fully-parametric output EQ for tailoring the output to headphones, in-ear monitors or stage monitors. This comes in handy especially when a myMix is used to create a mix through speakers, e.g. using an extra myMix to drive the PA system in a small venue.