myMix Overview
and Examples

myMix is a network ( Fast Ethernet 100Mbps) based audio mixing and recording system designed for an easy operation, fulfilling highest audio demands . Each myMix has network inputs and outputs and can operate either self contained or integrated with any analogue or digital mixing console for system as large as 500 audio channels. On optional SDHC cards each myMix can record up to 16 audio channels as 24-bit wav files, which can be used in any DAW or played back and remixed within myMix. Combined with the local inputs a perfect way to practice at home "with the band".

The core idea of myMix is to present high quality audio with a user interface that is easy to understand and operate for everyone. All channels get labeled with meaningful names (Peter Vocal, John Guitar) at their inputs (myMix or IEX16) and are displayed automatically to all myMix users on the network. Creating a mix is as easy as selecting a name and adjust the channel in volume, tone, pan and stereo FX. The decentralized system architecture combined with automatically saved settings allow to use myMix for many more applications then just creating a presonal monitor mix.

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Each myMix can create a stereo mix using the internal stereo FX, tone controle and panning selecting up to 16 from up to 500 network channels and put this signal to headphones or in/ears, drive power speakers or transmitters for wireless IEMs. This stereo mix can be also be sent back to the network, for others to listen to a mix, or use it as submix within myMix. The local inputs are for microphone (XLR) or line level (1/4" TRS) sources;  phantom power is available. The channels to select for the mix can be from an IEX16 input expander, other local myMix inputs , other stereo mixes, or the tracks from SD cards in Playback mode.

Self-contained myMix applications that don't require a main console with an operator. Ideal for rehearsal and small gigs, or for touring bands that want a 100% reproducible sound on stage - independent of the FOH console.
Solo-Tour Rig
Wireless Microphone Receiver-Monitoring
Band rehearsal
myMix as mixing console
System for Half Playback
Music School – One teacher- Multiple Student/Rooms
Silent Band Rehearsal
Band Tour Rig - independent from the PA
myMix as 10-ch mixing console for FOH and monitors
3myMix as console for small event
With or without the IEX-16L input expander, there are many possibilities to integrate myMix as a monitoring system into a main sound system. Applications range from small concert systems and worship bands, to big bands, theatrical applications, large orchestras, broadcast, TV and musicals as well as recording studios.
Big band and solo artists
Live band console
Live band inputs
Live band split
Orchestra application
Musical theater
Big band - 64 channel input in MADI format
Inegrated with a Digico console
myMix is ideal for houses of worship. It's not only the monitor mixing system on stage, because it can be used stand alone, the youth group can take it out for sessions, the multi-track recording and playback allows for new band members to get up to speed in no time, and many other advantages.
Large system. Using a MADI feed from the console
Large system. Inputs from console and mic splitter
Medium size HOW system, signals from main console
Small system using myMix for monitor and main mix
92-channel myMix system with Jimmy Swaggart's Ministries
Medium Size HOW system with additional myMix Install
3myMix as console for small event
myMix as 10-channel mixing console for monitor and PA
Starter Kit with 5 myMix for 8 musicians
MixPack 5 - Monitoring for 11 musicians
Decentralized mixing and an intuitive user interface offer advantages to using myMix outside of the music monitoring and recording environment.
Combine Buildings- Commercial Audio
Classical Room Combining with myMix
Sound Distribution -Commercial Sound
Sound Distribution-Multiple Stages
Large Area Sound Surveillance
Intercom and Listening in cultural venue or theater
System for Simultaneous Translation
One teacher using myMix to work with multiple students
Audio Monitoring of Wireless Microphone Channels
Remote rooms combined with main system
myMix with custom panels as intercom system over long distances
Ambient Mics, Reporter Mics and Intercom over Long Distance
Several AV applications take advantage of the myMix INSTALL version, dedicated for permanent installs, with Euro-block connectors and a stylish glass panel.
Combined listening and simple intercom system
myMix Install with myMix - medium size HOW application
Classical room combining
Sound distribution using a Ethernet network in a theater