Abraham Martinez – Abraham Martinez- Sound Engineer for Marcos Witt

“myMix provides a rugged, compact, portable design; fantastic audio specs and consistent monitoring from concert to concert."


CPM Review Nolan Rossi

Nolan Rossi reviewed the myMix system for Church Production Magazin: "I believe the value of the myMix system is greater than any other personal monitor mixing system I've used... It's much more than just a personal monitor mixing system." Most churches don’t have the luxury of a monitor engineer. When personal mixing products firs..


Musical "Hoy no me puedo levantar"

Hoy no me puedo levantar- the most successful Musical in Spain with myMix With more than 3 million visitors over the last 5 years, Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar is the most successful musical in Spain, staged at the Coliseum Theater in Madrid. In 2012 the old monitor mixing system was replaced by a myMix system consisting of 6 mixers, 1 IEX16L-A inp..


Abraham Martinez-sound engineer for Marcos Witt

Abraham Martinez, sound engineer for award winning artists Marcos Witt is using myMix for Marcos's band. Christian Musician, Marcos Witt’s 25 Conmemorativo won Best Christian album at the Latin Grammys which makes it the 5th Grammy for Witt and the second for his Sound Engineer, Abraham Martinez. Martinez has a long history centered in ..


Soweto Gospel Choir-Story from Headliner Magazine

From Headliner Magazine, Issue 2: A HOLY ELECTIC MIX Not many choirs are double Grammy Award winners, have sung alongside U2, and performed at a FIFA world cup event... But the Soweto Gospel Choir is no ordinary choir. This multi-talented 24-piece has been entertaining audiences across the globe since 2007 with its dulcet tones under the d..


Wooridle Church

Wooridle Church is attempting to create a truly quiet stage by adding myMix to its powerful sound reinforcement rig. Read the full story by Barney Jameson.

Wooridle Church AVL Asia


Wooridle Church is attempting to create a truly quiet stage by adding myMix to its powerful sound reinforcement rig, as Barney Jameson reports. Read the full story in AVL Asia Winter 2014...



First Covenant Church, Salina, KS

Hey guys, I am the Technical Director at First Covenant Church, Salina, KS. We have been using myMix for about a year now. 8 mixers, 34 channels on the network, 2 IEX16LA fed with 2 ADAT cards out of our Yamaha DM2000 mixer. Using one mixer for a stereo drum submix sent to the network. We also have a myMix control for administration. ..


High School Musical

“I have just used the myMix system on an extensive tour of China as main band monitoring system. With very limited time for setup in the different venues, the intuitive handling of the system allowed for no monitoring issues. The fact that the different musicians controlled the channel inputs themselves, meant that we only had to rely on ..


Just Jinjer Live with myMix

"myMix has actually allowed me to concentrate on the performance, instead of trying to attract the engineers attention so he can adjust the levels of what I hear onstage. myMix allows each musician to have control over what they hear in their monitor."Ard Matthews, Lead Singer of Just Jinjer - South Africa's Premier Rock Band..


DTM & F1 Hockenheim

myMix used to transfer multiple audio channels over long distances using fiber optical cables...


Magic Bus Band

... we LOVE these units. Our band plays a lot of festivals where pro sound is provided and sometimes we have to use their floor wedge monitors and every time that happens we hate it. We have become very spoiled with our MyMix system and use it every chance we can. It is the perfect system for our setup. Most times we use no stage amps, even our..


Big Sway Filmball Munich

The Big Sway at the Filmball Munich, combining two systems with 16 myMix, 2 Power8 and IEX16...



Elisabeth Musical Musical tour 2011/12 in Germany, 16 myMix for orchestra monitor mix, 16 sub mixes from monitor console to IEX16L-A ..

Review in Church Production-Weblink


"Bottom line? I am thoroughly impressed with the system, and would highly recommend considering it for your personal monitoring system." Jim Kumorek..

FOH-myMix Control


George Petersen from FOH magazine has tested myMix and myMix CONTROL on the road. And now with the new myMix CONTROL remote control/configuration software, the systems just keeps getting better and more flexible. ..

CCF Church Philippines


Manila’s CCF Alabang is meeting the challenge of increased services and a growing congregation with a major technical upgrade, including a myMix system...

myMix in Yishin Church Singapore- AVL Spring 2015


When Singapore’s Yishun Christian Church changed its A/V set-up it needed expert advice... A system with six myMix personal monitor mixers are used.....read more about in AVL Spring2015...

Nolan Rossi Review in CPM September 2014


"I'm impressed with myMix! .... it's much more than just a personal monitor mixing system" Read the full review from Nolan Rossi who tested a myMix system for Church Production Magazine...

Worship On Tour- AVL Asia


AVL Asia talks with Chuck Harris, sound engineer for Don Moen on their experience with myMix...

Live Sound Magazine Road Test May 2014


Danny Rosenbalm & Preston Gray evaluate the myMix system: "(it) packs a ton of useful features into a small mixer with superb sound quality giving more control to the musicians while helping the engineer have more time to focus on mixing."..