Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN

With over 4200 seats, Grace Church is the largest church in Minnesota and one of the largest in the Midwest. The entire A/V equipment has always met very high standards and so it is no surprise that Grace Church has been using personal monitor/mixing combined with IEM and state-of-the-art technology for many years. This summer Brian Vaughan, pastor of worship and music, was introduced to a myMix system during a local myMix academy.

Brian Vaughan: “For many years I was used to our in-ear- monitoring system but I always felt like I was driving in a car with one window open.  Now, I thought that what he had is as good as it gets, until I heard myMix”. 

Brian attended a “myMix Academy” presented by Mathias von Heydekampf, owner of myMix and after a few minutes it became clear that myMix would enhance the in-ear monitoring situation to a new level. A personalized demo following the academy at Grace Church, confirmed the first impression with the result of 12 myMix with two IEX16 input expanders replacing their existing monitoring system.Troy Hillstrom, technical director at Grace Church:  “It was not only about making Brian and the other musicians happy, there are also a lot of pros for myMix from the technical side. Through different services and special events we have many musicians with different praise bands. The fact that myMix can handle virtually unlimited amount of audio network channels, combined with the intuitive, name based operation, allowed us to get rid of our monitoring console and the need for an engineer.  I never trusted that musicians would be able to control their own mix, without the help of an engineer, myMix proved the opposite. 

The settings, including the channel configuration are automatically saved in one of up to 20 profiles, so set-up and sound check with different musicians is much faster. The versatility of myMix is unmatched – the same myMix that are used upstairs in the main sanctuary are used later downstairs in the youth room. Sometimes we use myMix directly without the need for a console, we just use the local inputs for the instruments. So on top of improving the sound quality, reducing the need for equipment and manpower, saving time for set-up and sound check, myMix also helps in other areas we never expected it because of its simplicity.We didn’t consider the multi-track recording as necessary in the first place because we already have a multi-track recording capability with our main mixing console. Since we have it, we found out how useful it is that every musician can make and take that recording. If we have a new or replacement musician, there is no need for the entire band to rehearse:  they simply take a single myMix with the SD card recording, plug in an instrument or microphone and play along with the band, even when they are all alone. So simple that even low-tech musicians can handle it! Since incorporating myMix units into our set-up, sound checks, rehearsals and performances are much easier and enjoyable. Our band and singers spend less time worrying about their in-ear mix and more time focusing on ministry and music”. 

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