First Baptist Church of Everett, WA

"Our teams have been using In-Ear Personal Monitoring systems for ten years and nothing has given us the clarity and freedom as the myMix system. With each musician choosing what they wish to have available to listen to and the crystal clear quality, there is just nothing like it. We have a total of 12 myMix, 2 IEX16L input expander and myMix Control. One myMix is used at the FOH console. The drummer is creating an 8 mic drum sub mix and sending that to the network for all to use as their drums. He is then using the second myMix for his own IEM. We were doing that before, but with a second sound board and splitter snake. This is so much cleaner; using two myMix units. With the drum mix on line, we are running a total of 34 inputs (2 IEX 16 plus the drum sub mix).

Andy Finseth, Lead Audio Engineer First Baptist Church of Everett, WA


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