Recording with myMix

myMix uses SD cards to record multi-track audio. Also to save sessions.

myMix can capture all selected audio channels as 24-bit wav files on SD cards

Once you've realized all the benefits of being able to mix your own mix, you’ll want to be able to hear how much better the band sounds. myMix is the ultimate device for capturing ideas at rehearsal, archiving the gig at the local club, or even tracking your next album. Up to 18 (16 plus stereo mix) tracks of 24bit, 48kHz time-stamped .wav audio files can be recorded to optional SDHC cards.

The moment you hit the REC button a new session folder is created and each signal is recorded directly from the preamp to an individual track without processing. An additional stereo track of your processed mix is also recorded to provide a quick reference. By pressing the REC button again the session is ended and you are able to either rename the session or keep the default name and continue on. Simply transfer the files from the SD card into your favorite recording software for overdubs, mixing and mastering. Upload the finished product to your web page or social networking sites and keep your fans up to date with your latest stuff.

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Play Back and Play Along

Not only can you record a session, you can also play it back and remix and in play along mode you can use the local inputs and mix them with up to 14 tracks from the SD card. So if you have musicians who rotate in and out of a group who need to learn parts created by others, just give the new musician a myMix with a multi-track recording of the band on an SD card and they can learn the part without the need for the entire band to be present.

Check out the tutorial videos for remixing a session and play along:

Playback and Remix

Playback and Remix

Using Play Along

Using Play Along

myMix Wave – a tool to play pre-produced audio files on myMix

This application allows you to take audio files from any DAW and convert them into a session folder that can be played back on a myMix unit. myMix Wave adds headers to standard .wav files which enables a myMix to recognize a unit name and track names. myMix Wave requires that all audio files be 24bit, 48kHz .wav files with the same starting time. Create the session foder on your computer and copy it onto an SD card to play back or play along.

Download the myMix Wave Software

Here is more information on how to use pre-preproduced files for play back and play along in myMix.